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Chart of Events



All mankind – Adam and Eve in the first heavens and earth

Seth – and his offspring who believed and did what God said to them

Noah – and his offspring who believed and did what God said to them

Abraham – and his offspring who believed and did what God said to them

Israel (Jacob) – and his offspring who believed and did what God said to them, which included Moses and Jesus the Christ (Judeans/Israelites as opposed to people belonging to other nations/Gentiles)

Holy-people (true Christians who are people who believe and do what God says as recorded in Romans 10:8-13 and thus receive the gift of holy spirit – from among all nations, no distinction between Judeans/Israelites and Gentiles) – the resurrected Lord Jesus Christ is the head of this body of holy-people

Judeans/Israelites (as opposed to people belonging to other nations/Gentiles) who will believe and do what God will say to them

All mankind – in the third heavens and earth


~ 4,003 B.C.

Creation – Genesis 1:1

Adam and Eve – Genesis 1 and 2

~ 3,903 B.C.

Adam’s fall and promise of Messiah

Genesis 3

~ 2,347 B.C.

Noah and Flood

Genesis 6-9

~ 2,247 B.C.


Earth divided

Genesis 10:25 and I Chronicles 1:19

~ 1,945 B.C.

Babel / Abraham

Genesis 11-25

born ~ 1,570 B.C. ff

Moses and Israel

Exodus 2 ff

born ~ 990 B.C. ff

King David

I Samuel 16 ff

~ 880 B.C.

Israel divided

I Kings 12

~ 496 B.C. ff

Babylonian Captivity

Jeremiah 25 ff

~ 455 B.C.

Daniel’s prophecy of birth and death of Christ

Daniel 9:25

3 B.C.

Jesus’ birth

Matthew 2

14 Nisan, 28 A.D.

Jesus’ crucifixion, death and burial

Matthew 27 and Daniel 9:26a

17 Nisan, 28 A.D.

Jesus’ resurrection receiving his new body with its holy spirit-life

Matthew 28

40 days after Jesus’ resurrection

Jesus’ ascension

Acts 1:1-11


50 days after Jesus’ resurrection

Gift of holy spirit made available to mankind

Acts 2

Time not made known

Gathering Together of all Christians, includes resurrection of dead Christians

- in the air (not on earth)

I Thessalonians 4:13-17; I Corinthians 15:51-57

3 ½ years

Wrath begins for all remaining on earth

The antichrist’s quest for control 3 ½ yrs, makes covenant with many

Daniel 7-12; Matthew chapters 24 and 25; Revelation chapters 4 - 11

3 ½ years

Antichrist breaks covenant, takes position in temple and rules world for 3 ½ yrs

Daniel 8:14, 9:27b, 12:7-12; Matthew 24:15; Revelation chapters 11 - 18    

Reign of Christ 1,000 years

Christ comes as King of kings etc - second coming on earth

Revelation 19:11ff

Resurrection of beheaded Revelation 20:4-5 and reign with Christ 1,000 years together with the previously resurrected holy-people (Christians)

very short time

Satan loosed a very short time and cast into the lake of fire Revelation 20:7-10

Time as needed

Resurrection and judgment of all others still dead both just and unjust

Revelation 20:12-15

From this time onwards

New heaven and earth

New Jerusalem on earth

All of God’s people with God and the Lord Jesus Christ

Revelation 21 and 22